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Our Story

Trina and The CandyMan

Trina and The CandyMan

Once upon a time, in the middle of South Dakota, Helen Pyncheon started getting together with a neighbor to make peanut brittle. Soon after that she invited her daughter and son-in-law to help. A few years later my parents were invited to join in the fun of making the brittle because they were friends with Helen's son-in-law and daughter. My parents brought forth the idea to add pecans to the mix since Mom was raised in Mississippi where pecans were plentiful. Now they were getting together every year to make the brittle for friends and family. Even after Helen passed away, they continued to make brittle. The brittle has been made in several cities in South Dakota including Pierre, Brookings, Huron, and Rapid City. It has even been made in Lexington, Mississippi. Even though Helen has passed on and her daughter and son-in-law have moved south, we continue the tradition of making the brittle. I think our friends and family would revolt if they didn't get any! Speaking of tradition, my mom and dad go home through Pierre every year to leave some brittle on Helen's grave.

The Present...

How the brittle used to be made.

How the brittle used to be made.

It is obvious that once people have tasted our pecan brittle, THEY WANT MORE and they want to know, "WHERE CAN WE BUY IT?". We have talked for years about "the possibility". Well, in 2006 my wife and I took some brittle by a local distributor to have them sample it and tell us if they thought we could market it. They called us to see when they could get some in their store. With that, we had to sit down and put the proverbial pencil to paper to figure out if this could work. Once we had it figured out, we decided that "the possibility" could become REALITY. This is how we got started.

The Future...

I have been helping make pecan brittle for about 20 years. The rule was, if you wanted some, you had to help make it. The first few years I probably was not much help, but I was there. The last 10 years it has been important to me to get together with my family and friends to make brittle. It is a tradition that I want to continue and pass on to my children.

We plan to make brittle and only brittle. Our goal will always be to maintain the delicious quality and homemade taste. We will have variations on the theme, but the tradition will stay the same. We will not compromise the quality for quantity.

We plan to keep our roots, but grow the tree and branch out into different flavors and different types of nuts. We will always make sure that we are well grounded in where we came from, but look for ways to grow for the future.